1st Grade Books

1st grade books

Structured Learning has lots of resources to teach technology to 1st graders and integrate it into their classroom. Here are some ideas:

Lesson Plans

1st grade technology curriculum

1st grade workbooks–technology

1st grade–internet-based

1st grade–software

55 Lesson Plans, mixed by grade, topic, and tool (Vol. I and Vol. II

Lesson Plan examples

Each ebook link includes a free sample download that includes 1-2 lesson plans on the topic. Try this one for 1st grade technology curriculum.


Common Core Lesson Plans

Common Core lesson plans–arranged by strand (Math, Writing, Reading, Language, Speaking/listening), for grades K-8

1st grade Common Core lesson plans

Inquiry-based lesson plans

1st grade ebooks

inquiry classroom

Math Lesson Plans

Math lesson plans–bundled–for K-5

Common Core–Math strand–for K-8

Typing Lessons

1st grade workbooks–keyboarding

Project-based Lesson Plans

1st grade books–one lesson at a time. These can be adapted to grades K-8

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship in the 1st grade classroom–this book scaffolds learning from K-8, with an ample section on 1st grade

Technology in the classroom

Tech Tips to help students thrive in the classroom

tech tips

Online Classes

Weekly class on teaching technology in the 1st-grade classroom


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