5th Grade Books

Structured Learning has lots of 5th grade books to teach technology to 5th graders and integrate it into their classroom. Here are some ideas:

Lesson Plans

5th grade technology curriculum

5th grade workbooks–technology

5th grade–internet-based

5th grade–software

55 Lesson Plans, mixed by grade, topic, and tool (Vol. I and Vol. II

Lesson Plan examples

Each ebook link includes a free sample download that includes 1-2 lesson plans on the topic. Try this one for 5th grade technology curriculum.

Common Core Lesson Plans

Common Core lesson plans–arranged by strand (Math, Writing, Reading, Language, Speaking/listening), for grades K-8

Inquiry-based lesson plans

Math Lesson Plans

Math lesson plans–bundled–for K-5

Common Core–Math strand–for K-8

Typing Lessons

5th grade workbooks–keyboarding

Project-based Lesson Plans

5th grade books–one lesson at a time. These can be adapted to grades K-8

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship in the 6th grade classroom–this book scaffolds learning from K-8, with an ample section on 1st grade

Technology in the classroom

Tech Tips to help students thrive in the classroom

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