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6th Grade Technology Curriculum

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$ 25.99(Print or Digital)
$199.00(Room License)
$640.00(School License)



6th Grade Technology Curriculum is the seventh in a series designed to teach technology by integrating it into classroom inquiry. The choice of  hundreds of school districts, private schools and homeschoolers around the world, this nine-volume suite is the all-in-one solution to running an effective, efficient, and fun technology program for kindergarten-eighth grade (each grade level textbook sold separately) whether you’re the lab specialist, IT coordinator, or classroom teacher.

The 32-week 6th-grade technology curriculum is designed with the unique needs of middle school technology IT classes in mind.

Curriculum includes:

  • 287 images
  • 34 assessments6th grade tech curr teacher sample 9
  • 12 pedagogic articles
  • Grade 6-8 wide-ranging Scope and Sequence
  • Grade 6-8 technology curriculum map
  • 32 weeks of lessons
  • monthly homework (3rd-8th only)
  • articles that address tech pedagogy
  • posters ready to print and hang on your walls

Each lesson is aligned with both Common Core State Standards and National Educational Technology Standards and includes:

  • academic applications for lessons
  • additional resources
  • assessment strategies
  • big idea
  • class exit tickets
  • class warmups
  • Common Core Standards
  • domain-specific vocabulary
  • emphasis on comprehension/problem-solving/critical thinking/preparing for career and college
  • essential question
  • examples
  • focus on transfer of knowledge and blended learning, collaboration and sharing
  • grading rubrics
  • homework
  • how to extend learning
  • ISTE Standards
  • materials required
  • options for adapting lessons to a class or lab
  • options for adapting lessons to PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, or Macs
  • problem-solving for lesson
  • skills required for lesson and learned during lesson
  • steps to accomplish goals
  • teacher preparation required
  • time required to complete

Units include:

  • Coding
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital Tools in the Classroom
  • Financial Literacy
  • Genius Hour
  • Google Earth Lit Trip
  • Image Editing
  • Infographics
  • Internet Search and Research
  • Keyboarding
  • Khan Academy
  • Online Image Legalities
  • Presentation Boards
  • Problem Solving
  • Screenshots, Screencasts, Videos
  • Slideshow Summative
  • Spreadsheets
  • The Debate
  • Web-based Tools
  • Word Processing Summative
  • Write an Ebook
  • Writing with Comics, Twitter, More

With your purchase, you receive FREE access to a wealth of online resources (through our free companion blog) including hundreds of teacher materials that differentiate instruction, websites that extend learning, and free help from professionals using the curriculum.

Details of 6th Grade Technology

  • Perfect bound/Digital: 252 pages
  • Publisher: Structured Learning; Version 6.5 (June 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-942101-28-4 and 978-1-942101-28-4
  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 9.7 x 0.9 inches
  • Purchase: PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), school Purchase Order
  • License: Single user

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I am so excited to have purchased this. After only one week of owning it, I have already used a number of ideas. I need to start saving so I can purchases the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade as well. –TeacherPayTeachers Customer

Love this! Have bought all of the other grades as well, such a great resource!–Teachers Pay Teachers Customer

I stumbled upon the Structured Learning Curriculum books over the summer. I was starting a new job in technology education teaching 6th-8th grade, so these books were a life saver. I used the 6th Grade Technology book to begin building my curriculum and only had to make slight modifications for my own classroom. I am eager to see what else will come from Structured Learning!–Amazon customer

Although a veteran teacher, I just began teaching computer tech. last year. This series gave me a template in guiding me toward what students should know and at what appropriate age they should know it. I have successfully used many of the lessons, tweaked some of them to fit my particular needs, and also used them to reassess some of the lessons I had been provided or created myself. It has been an invaluable tool and provided greater confidence in knowing that I am on the right track in what I am doing! In my particular situation, students come to me from a different teacher or different school the previous year, so there is not necessarily a smooth flow in skills, however this series has helped me to teach the students (and a few adults along the way) many of the basics and has helped them become more independent in their use of technology.  –Amazon customer

I have 3 children who all use the technology binders and they are so useful. You know what each lesson is and what they are learning. You also have the homework in there so everything you need is in one binder (which prevents lost sheets of paper). Definitely recommend this product.  –Amazon customer

I had been moved out of the regular classroom and into teaching k-6 computers with no guidelines or curriculum to follow. I had built a rough plan on what to cover but knew I had holes and wasn’t always consistent across the grades. I came across this series and thought I would start in the middle to see if I could build up and down from it. Once I had the book and started using it, I knew I needed the whole series. Why reinvent when the perfect answer as ready for me. I accomplished far more with my younger grades than I had thought I could. The lessons are ease to use, or adapt to my needs. I like the vocabulary included so I am stressing the same words across all grades. –Amazon Customer

This is an excellent resource to have in your technology classroom. There is a scope and sequence available to follow from kindergarten through 6th grade. The lessons are easy to incorporate and the material is based on the ISTE standards. Very relevant and up-to-date. Your classroom professional library would not be complete without it. –Amazon customer

About the Author
Structured Learning IT Team is the premier provider of technology instruction books and ebooks to education professionals. Technology and keyboarding curricula, how-to books, tips and tricks, a one-of-a-kind blog-based helpline—all the tools required to fulfill the tech needs of the 21stcentury classroom. All materials are classroom-tested, teacher-approved with easy-to-understand directions supported by online materials, websites, blogs, and wikis. Whether you are a new teacher wanting to do it right or a veteran educator looking for updated materials, Structured Learning and its team of technology teachers is there to assist you. 
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