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Common Core Lesson Plans



$ 80.97 (4 books, Digital)


common coreBuy four strand-specific Common Core Lesson Plan ebooks:

  • How to Achieve Common Core With Tech: The Language Strand
  • How to Achieve Common Core With Tech: The Math Strand
  • How to Achieve Common Core With Tech: The Reading Strand
  • How to Achieve Common Core With Tech: The WritingStrand

Get our newest–How to Achieve Common Core With Tech: The Writing Strand-for free! 257 pages, 28 projects, over 200 Common Core standards, for 9 grades (K-8).

These are part of How to Achieve Common Core with Tech, a five-ebook series that focuses on using technology to meet Common Core standards in Language, Writing, Reading, Speaking/Listening, and Math. See below for more detail on each book.

Throughout the 150+-page Common Core roadmap to educational reform, it’s clear the 21st Century learner requires technologic proficiency—digital dexterity to fuel the ‘college and career’ engine. One example: Common Core assessments will be completed online—only possible if students use technology as comfortably as paper and pencil to demonstrate knowledge. To accomplish this requires a seamless integration of technology into classroom curricula.

This series makes that happen. You see how to use computers, websites, tablets, graphic art, infographics, web widgets to scaffold what you already teach–easy-to-understand tech tools, no more complicated than the iPads and manipulatives you already use.

Each lesson includes

  1. Common Core standards addressed
  2. NETS-S Standards addressed
  3. Vocabulary used 
  4. Time Required
  5. Grade level recommended and suggested background
  6. Essential Question
  7. Big Idea
  8. Materials required and teacher preparation
  9. Step-by-step directions
  10. Help with tech problems
  11. Extensions—how to differentiate and dig deeper

Buy four ebooks–Math, Reading, Writing, Language–for the price of three. That’s a 25% discount.


Purchase books individually by clicking their button below:


Eight projects for K-8, 87+ Common Core Standards in language, speaking/listening, and writing, to prepare students for Tier 1, 2 and 3 word study. Every time students come across words they don’t understand,  teach them to decode  using effective, efficient strategies based on context, clues, and parts. These don’t take more time, just suggest a different way of doing what you already do—using technology.


Twenty projects for K-8, 114 Common Core Math Standards, to prepare students for the rigorous quantitative material, problem solving, critical thinking required in college and career.  Lessons are authentic applications of skills (such as a grade book and a budget), useful tools (i.e., a chance for motivated students to get their Excel certification) as well as projects that appeal to today’s students (we’ve gamified math, so be prepared). These lessons ask students to exhibit the traits Common Core considers inherent in successful students—and an open-minded risk taking from teachers. They don’t take more time, just suggest a different way of doing what you already do—using technology.


Fourteen projects for K-8, 315 Common Core Standards in reading,  speaking/listening, language, math, and writing. Conventional wisdom says students learn to read by reading. Sure, that makes sense, but what if they don’t? Let me clarify—they can read words and paragraphs and pages, but aren’t accomplished at:

  • Finding and using evidence to support conclusions
  • Using evidence from text in conversations
  • Uncovering knowledge when reading in academic classes
  • Understanding academic vocabulary used in grade-level work
  • Writing from text-based sources rather than past experience and knowledge

How do you help them?

This book makes reading skills organic to everything taught. Every time students struggle with reading, show them how to decode meaning using these fourteen strategies. They don’t take more time, just suggest a different way of doing what you already do—using technology.


Coming in April, 2014


Twenty-eight projects for K-8, each showing how technology makes achieving Common Core writing standards intuitive, time-saving, and exciting for students with a natural love of all things digital. Lessons cover 208 Common Core Standards in speaking/listening, language, reading, math and writing. Lesson topics include Digital Quick Write, Digital Storytelling, Event Sequences, Develop Details, Digital Note-taking, Brainstorming, Blogs, and more.

What customers say:

Thank you so much for your generosity! Your work is so accessible and helpful for this rather complicated topic! I appreciate your support in helping me impart information about the CCSS!  You’ve really done a wonderful job taking a complicated topic and making it user friendly!

A note: These books are not intended to teach Common Core Standards. What these books show is how to use technology to teach the Standards.

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