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genius hour

Genius Hour Lesson Plan



$ 1.99


How to Use Genius Hour in Your Classroom gives students precious time to work on their own personal passion in 20% of class time–following carefully-structured guidelines to assist them in getting the most possible out of this free time. It supports critical thinking, research skills, close reading, and the pursuit of flexible learning paths in education. Designed for High School, Middle School, and advanced 4th/5th grade, and aligned with Common Core and ISTE, this lesson is largely student-directed, self-paced.
What’s included:
  • brief summary of project
  • suggested prior knowledge
  • Essential Question
  • Big Idea
  • Common Core alignment
  • ISTE alignment
  • Best Practices
  • suggested domain and academic vocabulary
  • likely tech problems that will arise
  • materials required
  • teacher prep required
  • step-by-step instructions
  • enrichment to dig deeper into the subject
  • more information to support specific learning
  • assessment strategies
  • sample grading rubric
  • Digital Delivery
  • Page count: 16 pages
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: 2018


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