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STEM Bundle



$ 3.99


Description of STEM Bundle

STEM_Bundle_sample_1This STEM bundle includes four lesson plans:

  1. Engineering and Design
  2. The Human Body
  3. Keyboarding and the Scientific Method
  4. Robotics

All four incorporate technology into authentic class activities such as bridge building, note-taking, and math. Each lesson plan includes an Essential Question and Big Idea, average time required to complete, suggested appropriate grade level, suggested teacher preparation, step-by-step directions (see preview for an example), assessment strategies, pedagogic background, samples, and images (where relevant). 

If you’re a K-8 class teacher who wants to start your students on coding, start here.

The 24-page lesson includes:

  • summary of STEM
  • average time required
  • suggested grade level
  • Essential Question
  • Big Idea
  • teacher prep required
  • step-by-step instructions (where relevant)
  • examples
  • assessment strategies
 Digital delivery only 


  • Digital delivery
  • Page count: 24 pages
  • Language: English
  • Grade level:  K-8
  • Multiple Bundles? Click here


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Reviews of SL tech ed books/ebooks

You are phenomenal! –SL customer

So excited my principal approved a lot of resources from structured learning –SL customer

Your staff is amazing. So fast to help and so thorough. I am so appreciative. –SL customer

This books provides lots of good ideas for computer teachers. The lessons are geared a little higher than my kindergardeners can handle, so I simplify a lot of the lessons. Many of the lessons use TuxPaint, so if you plan to use these lessons make sure you download it on all of your computers. –Amazon customer

About the Authors

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