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Student Technology Workbook 3rd Grade



$ 199.00(Room License)
$640.00(School License)
$1799.00(District License)



3rd Grade student technology workbook–with teacher manual and teacher video. Aligned with the Structured Learning 3rd grade technology curriculum (which is aligned with Common Core and ISTE). 166 pages with 268 images and 19 assessments. Units include:

  1. ASCII Art
  2. Book Reports
  3. Coding/Programming
  4. Computer Wallpaper
  5. Desktop Publishing
  6. Digital Citizenship and the Internet
  7. Digital Tools in the Classroom
  8. Google Earth
  9. Graphic Organizers
  10. Holiday Greetings
  11. Image Editing
  12. Internet Research and Vocabulary
  13. Intro and Review
  14. Keyboarding
  15. Problem Solving
  16. Slideshows
  17. Speaking and Listening
  18. Spreadsheets
  19. Tables
  20. Word Processing Summative

…a full year of learning. This is a student-paced, student-directed year-long course that integrates with any school curriculum and prepares students for end-of-year Common Core testing and life-long education needs. Here’s why you’ll want these workbooks:

  • workbooks are full color
  • workbooks include embedded links to websites and digital tools making it easy for students to access them
  • student can pursue learning independently, at their own pace
  • student can differentiate for their personal needs through options provided in the lessons
  • student can spiral back to review skills and spiral forward to work ahead
  • student has easy access to all metrics and assessments, encouraging accountability for Big Ideas and Essential Questions
  • student can use an annotation tool (i.e., iAnnotate or Adobe) to mark up rubrics and examples, then erase at the end of the year
  • student has clear exemplars of lesson ideas
  • student has easy access to all required materials–links, webtools, research, and more.

Not available individually–only as multi-user license. There is special pricing if you choose all nine grade levels.

Free with each multi-user license:

  • teacher handbook
  • 32 videos, one a week through the school year–synced to the 32 lessons in the curriculum
  • online help from curriculum specialists via email and Discussion Boards


  • Digital access
  • Length: 166 pages
  • Images: 268 images
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Structured Learning (June 2016)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-942101-09-3
  • License: Multi-user
  • Companion materials: Teacher manual and videos (free)
  • Purchase: PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), school Purchase Order
  • Purchase price is PER GRADE LEVEL. Special pricing for all nine grades

Curious? Here’s a preview:

3rd grade–student wkbk–6th ed–preview

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Reviews of SL Curricula

Thank you for all of the information you provide, I don’t think I could do my job without your books, wikis, and advice. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and others and for being willing to share your knowledge and experience with all of us [refers to the free help available to curriculum users] –long-time teacher

With online testing we have to hit the road running with keyboarding. This resource makes it easy! Thank you! –TeacherPayTeachers customer

I will be teaching keyboarding for the first time this year. Our students haven’t had an official keyboarding or technology class ever in our school. I really questioned how I was going to accomplish teaching so much information when I see the kids once a week [until I found this course]. –technology integration specialist

Finding you and all that you have to support technology and its users have been a blessing –new technology teacher

I teach computer preschool – 8th grade. Having this guide to keyboarding helped me know what to expect for each grade level. It also gives great websites to use to reinforce learning. I also have the K-8 computer curriculum textbooks and I am highly satisfied with their content. –Amazon Customer

This book provides tech teachers — both novice and those with years of experience. I especially appreciate the specific guidelines with ACTUAL resources available online with best practices and extensions for a variety of learners. I feel that this is BY FAR the most HELPFUL resource I have come across as a first year technology instructor and plan on using this daily throughout the year! BRAVO! –Amazon customer — first year teacher

I teach computer preschool – 8th grade. Having this guide to keyboarding helped me know what to expect for each grade level. It also gives great websites to use to reinforce learning. I also have the K-8 computer curriculum textbooks and I am highly satisfied with their content. –Amazon Customer

This book offers so much more than I expected. Not only does it tell how to implement keyboarding into all grade levels (kindergarten-5th) it provides several websites and cross-curricular ideas that can be utilized along with the curriculum. I would recommend this book to anyone who teaches technology to grade school students. –Amazon customer

When your child comes home and asks to to practice keyboarding you know the teacher is doing something right. Even though kids can text with two fingers our school has discovered that the kids want to learn how to keyboard. We are using the book for K-8 instruction in keyboarding to prepare the students for the 1:1 program we have in grades 8-12 –Amazon customer, parent

This curriculum goes well beyond simply which software to pick. It mixes software with games, quizzes and projects. All with the goal teaching age appropriate keyboarding. –Amazon Customer

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