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summer tech camp

Summer Tech Camp Survival Kit



$ 179.00


summer camp flier Description–Summer Tech Camp Survival Kit

Build Your Own Summer Tech Camp Adventure. Kit includes everything you need to personalize the summer to your student needs–lesson plans, videos, ebooks, and more. Once you purchase, you get an auto download for a 32-page Guide that includes an introduction, video intro, instructions on Building Your Own Summer Tech Camp Adventure, class template, download links for all material, and a Help email if you get stuck.

A $230 value–for $179!

(We take PO’s–contact Zeke for details–

Here are the details:

Weeks:                             3 weeks (can be repeated)

Hours per day:               4 or 6 hours per day, depending upon the option you select

Focus:                              Technology that addresses life in a fun, motivating way

Age Group:                      3rd-8th grade; mature 2nd grade. Adaptable to high school.

How:                                Build Your Own Summer Tech Camp with these supplies

21 Activities

41 Videos

18 Lesson plans

3 eBooks

NOT Included:

Standard software assumed part of a typical ed tech set-up

Standard materials assumed part of a tech set-up

Activities include:
  • 15 web tools in 15 days
  • Blogs
  • Brainstorming/Mindmapping
  • Debate
  • Digital Bridge Building
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital note-taking
  • Digital Quick Stories
  • Digital Quick Writes
  • Games in the Classroom
  • Genius hour
  • Google apps
  • Internet search and research
  • Keyboarding
  • Khan Academy
  • MS Word
  • Presentation Boards
  • Problem Solving
  • Service Learning
  • Twitter in the Classroom
  • Write an ebook
Resources Include:

  • 18 Lesson plans
  • 3 ebooks

K-8 Keyboard Curriculum

K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum
169 Real-world Ways to Put Tech into your Class

  • 41 Videos

Curious? Here’s an introductory video:

Reviews of SL Tech ebooks/books

My daughter is using this as a text in her computer class at school. The lessons are easy to follow and informative. She has learned a lot so far this year.
–Amazon customer

I now have all grades (K-5) and think of these as my bible for teaching! Thank you! –Teachers Pay Teachers Customer

I’m a new technology teacher K-8 and needed something for Kindergarten – this book is wonderful! I love it! Lessons are in-depth and will surely help my Kindergarten students gain technology skills that are age appropriate! –Amazon customer

This books provides lots of good ideas for computer teachers. The lessons are geared a little higher than my kindergardeners can handle, so I simplify a lot of the lessons. Many of the lessons use TuxPaint, so if you plan to use these lessons make sure you download it on all of your computers. –Amazon customer

I have 3 children who all use the technology binders and they are so useful. You know what each lesson is and what they are learning. You also have the homework in there so everything you need is in one binder (which prevents lost sheets of paper). Definitely recommend this product. –Amazon customer

This workbook is a great tool for helping your primary school student learn hands on skills for the computer. Typing exercises, key hardware terms and other activities are included and can be used pretty independently by the student. It’s been a great tool for our 3rd grader and supplements the activities given in class. Would definitely recommend!

This is the first of six–through fifth grade. I’ve seen the work of fifth graders who have used this since kindergarten. They edit photos in Photoshop and make movies using Pinnacle Studio. They do PowerPoint slideshows that look great. I’d recommend this series to anyone. –Amazon customer

About the Authors

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