K-8 Training Webinars

This includes a series of video training for kindergarten through 8th grade, covering:

  • tech ed pedagogy
  • Common Core
  • specific help for grades 3-5
  • keyboarding

Two videos are added each week, September through May. Your one-time fee (between $49-$150) includes that time frame, for a total of about 35 videos. You will receive a YouTube link where you can access all past and future videos.

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Tech Ed Pedagogic Webinars

Common Core Webinars

Curriculum Training Webinars

Online Keyboarding

So far, the collection includes:

  • 12 pedagogic videos
    • how to set up your tech class
    • how to create a class internet start page–and why
    • how to teach a lesson
    • how to talk to stakeholders about tech
    • the keyboard class
    • summer keyboarding
    • how to teach the hard-to-teach class
    • problem solving
  • 6 Common Core videos:
    • Common Core and Tech
    • Common Core and Keyboarding
    • Common Core and Problem Solving
    • Common Core Math and Tech
    • Common Core Language and Tech
    • Common Core Reading and Tech
  • 24 curriculum videos (primarily for grades 3-5)–weekly, a new video based on the SL technology curriculum
  • 17 keyboarding videos–arranged for monthly lessons for your students. With this series, you have a year’s worth of keyboarding lessons for your students