License for Room, School, District

site licenseAre you a classroom teacher, a school, and/or District struggling to meet Common Core standards that integrate technology seamlessly into classroom units of inquiry? Are you wondering, How can students fulfill these requirements without basic technology skills?

And, they must be delivered exactly like the core curriculum–standardized across grade levels and school sites.

You need a Structured Learning license for a room, site, or the entire District.

Benefits of a License–

for 1:1 learning environments, iPad programs, all-digital schools:

  • every child has the textbook (or access to video training) on his/her device, ready to go when they are
  • etextbooks and video training works great across all platforms
  • no paper, print books–all electronic

for everyone:

  • Access to full PDF and video training (where video training is included–varies depending upon resource selected) from every recognized digital device, 24 hours a day.
  • Maximize productivity while minimizing cost. Tech textbooks, curricula, lesson plans are available in the computer lab, the library, the classroom, the laptop carts and the iPads for the same low fee
  • Free Help provided via Ask a Tech Teacher (staffed by teachers who use the SL curriculum and ebooks)
  • Free training and enrichment provided through grade-level wikis (K-5 tech curriculum only)
  • Free print copy of each ebook selected (not available for international shipments or where book is only available in digital format)
  • District License includes mentoring for new teachers. These are delivered via email, Skype, or Google Hangouts, by appointment. They address how to implement lessons or related new-tech-teacher issues

You can purchase a Room License (up to 26 seats), a School License (one school address) or a District License (multiple addresses within a District) for any digital book or video training in the Structured Learning library. Here are more details:

Room License