School License

site license
site license
What’s a School License? A School License is a multi-user PDF of any book (or video where available) for tech ed textbooks, student workbooks, lesson plans, and more (see list below)–that can be  used on every digital device in your school–iPads, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, Chromebooks, iPods. All of them, no matter whether they’re in a classroom, the library, the tech labs. As many as the school wants.

International shipping–digital only

Purchase a School License for:

It is perfect for private schools, independent schools, charter schools, public schools–any school with multiple computer labs, classroom computer pods, 1:1 programs. Ordered separately, these digital textbooks could cost well over $3,000.

Benefits of a School License for Teachers:

  • access to full text PDF(or videos where relevant) from every recognized digital device, 24 hours a day.
  • allows schools to maximize productivity while minimizing costs. Tech textbooks (or videos where relevant) and student keyboarding workbooks are available in the computer lab, the library, the classroom, the laptop carts and the iPad carts for the same low fee
  • free online Help provided via the Ask a Tech Teacher blog (staffed by teachers who use SL resources) and the grade-specific wikis  (for tech curriculum). This is unique to Structured Learning’s technology curriculum, something you will find with no other provider.
  • free desk copy of print book for teacher use (if available in print)

Benefits of School License for Students:

  • easy access to monthly lessons, how-tos, rubrics, project samples, practice quizzes, grade-level expectations, homework, images (showing how to hold the mouse, for example), check lists (the grade level Scope and Sequence and the Ready to Move On monthly keyboard workbooks lists, for example)
  • quick links to websites required in lessons
  • convenient place to take notes
  •  encourages students to be independent and self-directed in their learning, work at their own pace rather than a subjective class pace. This is great both for students who need more time on a topic and for those who ‘get it’ fast and want to move on
  • quick way to spiral up to the next grade level for quick learners or back to earlier resources for student needing to fill holes in their learning
  • access to 12 companion videos(student keyboarding workbooks only, grades 3-8) that take them through each month of their keyboarding journey. They’re approximately one hour and can be viewed at the student’s pace

Additionally, with each School License, you get:

  • a print copy of each ebook selected  (international or books only available digitally not included)
  • free access to curriculum help blog, Ask a Tech Teacher. 
  • free membership to each grade-level wiki (K-5 tech curriculum only). This is updated via video weekly with what is happening in a real-time classroom that uses the Structured Learning technology curriculum. Your teachers will see how the pieces of the Structured Learning curriculum work together, get alternative projects that align with the curriculum, and be able to share thoughts via the wiki Discussion tab.
Price: from $640.00