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Writing Lesson Plans

Integrate writing bundle cover
Five step-by-step lessons, including reproducibles, grading rubrics, sample projects, extensions for advanced students and troubleshooting tipsNext-day email delivery in the universally-readable .pdf formatA brief summary of each project, including suggested grade level and prior knowledge, time required, software requiredHigher-order thinking skills addressedTechnology-specific skills taught (including ISTE Standards addressedDigital delivery**Want more than one bundle? Click here More Info »
Price: $7.99
by Jacqui Murray

Quick Stories in Class

Quick stories cover
quick stories
Quick Stories use digital tools like Storybird, My Storymaker, Fotobabble, Skitch, Voki, Photostory, comics to develop writing skills. 2-5, CCSS alignedDigital Delivery
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by John Murray

Digital Quick Writes in Your Class

Quick Writes Cover
quick writes
Students use Digital Quick Writes to integrate writing and critical thinking practice into any discipline.  They use a variety of age-appropriate digital tools to prepare their work including KidPix, TuxPaint, Paint,, Doodle, Screen Chomp, Kerpoof, word processing programs. Through these short, fun writings, students develop fluency, build the habit of reflection, and informally assess thinking. Designed More Info »
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by John Murray

Digital Note-taking in Your Classroom

Note-taking cover
Digital note-taking has benefits paper-and-pencil note-taking doesn’t—like sharing, collaborating, saving everywhere. Have students become familiar with approaches from traditional word processing tools to web-based tools like, Google Docs, Flipboard, Evernote/OneNote, Twitter. Designed for grades 4-7, it's aligned with Common Core and ISTE Standards and includes over a dozen methods to assess learning.Digital Delivery
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by John Murray

Brainstorm and MindMap in Class

Brainstorming cover
Organize ideas and evidence collected on a topic using iMindmap, Inspiration, MindMaple, SpiderScribe, Pearltrees. Grades 1-5, CCSS and ISTE-aligned.Digital Delivery
Price: $0.99
by John Murray

15 Digital Tools in 15 Days

15 tools cover
digital tools
Students teach themselves a variety of digital tools including Google MapMaker, Scratch, Prezi, Voice Thread, Glogster, and more. 3-8, CCSS and ISTE alignedDigital Delivery
Price: $0.99
by John Murray

14 Non-writing Options to Teach Writing

14 Non-writing cover
Not all kids are born writers. Some are artists, musicians, comedians, or another variety of visual learners. In this 20-page collection, we show you 14 ways to meet these students where they are most comfortable as they learn how to communicate ideas with words. You get lesson ideas (not complete lesson plans, but enough to More Info »
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by John Murray