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Because you asked–How to organize your tech classroom!tech classroom

These 13 videos (more added every month), approx. 30 minutes per webinar, show you how.

Do you wonder how to set up an effective, exciting, motivating classroom to teach tech? It’s not difficult–but there are steps you must take that are different from a grade-level or subject-specific classroom. Watch these videos at the start of school and often throughout the year to understand how to integrate tech into your classes and how to help students use tech to get the most from their education adventure. 13 Webinars include:
  • Set up your tech class
  • How to create a class internet start page–and why
  • How to teach a tech lesson
  • 6 topics to teach in every lesson     
  • How to talk to stakeholders about tech
  • Keyboarding in 45 minutes a week
  • Problem solving (that’s tech problems)
  • Presentation Boards (tech problem solving, tech vocabulary, and Google Earth)
  • Digital note taking in the classroom
  • Digital citizenship
  • Blogging in the classroom
  • Differentiation with tech
  • Grading technology

More are added every month.

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