Tech Ed Topics

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5 Free Digital Tools for the No Budget Classroom

5 FREE Web Tools for a New School Year

5 Must-have tools for Ed Conferences

7 Digital Ways to End the School Year


10 Factors to Consider in Tech Report Cards

14 Factors to Consider for Tech Report Cards

5 Strategies to Assess Student Knowledge

7 Authentic Assessment Tools

Any Ideas for Tech Ed Benchmark Assessments?

How Do You Grade Tech? I Have 14 Ideas


13 Ways Blogs Teach Common Core

3 Problems to Address Before Blogging at Your School

6 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Blogging

7–no 10, wait 12–OK, 13 Skills I Teach With Blogging

Classroom Management

22 Ways to Add Rigor to Your Classroom

3 Classroom Management Apps You’ll Love

What’s the Classroom of the Future Look Like?

Curriculum Map



New Students? 7 Tips to Differentiate with Tech

Digital Citizenship

19 Topics to Teach in Digital Citizenship–and How

How the Internet Neighborhood is Like Any Other Community

How to Instill Digital Citizenship in Students

How to Thrive as a Digital Citizen

Teach Digital Citizenship with … Minecraft

Digital Devices

18 Pluses, 5 Differences, and 9 Tips about Chromebooks in Your Classroom

BYOD–the lowdown in one article

Which is better for schools: iPads or laptops?

Digital Note-taking

5 Programs That Make Digital Note-taking Easy

Digital Portfolios

6 Ways to Say Bye Bye Binders

What are Options on Digital Portfolios

What’s a Digital Portfolio and Why Should You Use it?

Why use a Digital Portfolio–and 9 ways to do it

End-of-Year Testing

How to Prepare Students for PARCC Tests

Flipped Classroom

What is the Flipped Classroom


11 Ways to be an Inquiry-based Teacher

11 Ways to Make an Inquiry based Classroom

Internet Search and Research

Need Email Accounts for Registration? Here’s a Fix

What You Need to Know about Kidproofing the Internet


107 Favorite iPad Apps for K-8

How to Use iPads in Your Classroom

How to Pick iPad Apps for your Classroom

IPads or laptops: Which is better for schools?

Tablet’s ‘Killer App’


6 Ways to Make Classroom Typing Fun

Common Core Breathes Life into Keyboarding

Handwriting vs. Keyboarding–from a Student’s Perspective

When is Typing Faster Than Handwriting?

Why Keyboarding Should NOT be Dead


Literacy In K-5 Classrooms

New Literacies Enable Smarter Researching

Online training

9 Reasons For Online Training and 5 Against


5 Digital Tools Parents Will Love

How to Teach Students: Teach Their Parents

What Every Parent Should Know About Computers and the Internet

Problem solving

25 Techie Problems Every Student Can Fix–Update

Are You As Smart as a Fifth Grader (and more)

How Minecraft Teaches Reading, Writing and Problem Solving

How to Teach Students to Solve Problems

I Can Solve That Problem…

Screencasts and Screenshots


Special Needs

11 Resources to Blend Technology and Special Needs


9 Mistakes Teachers Make Using Tech in the Classroom

10 Steps to Tech Saviness This Summer

10 Ways Any Teacher Can (and Should) Use Technology

11 Things I wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Tech Teacher

12 Tips for Teaching Middle School Tech

12 Tips on Handling Hard-to-teach Classes

13 Reasons For and 3 Against Technology in the Classroom

How to Teach Students: Teach Their Parents

How to set up your tech classroom

Lab Teacher or Integration Specialist

The Secret to Teaching Tech to Kids: Delegate

Should Tech Teachers be in the Classroom or the Lab–Follow Up

Take Tech into the Classroom

What’s a Tech Teacher Do All Day?

Yes, I’m Resilient, but I Wish Computers Were More Dependable


Will Texting Destroy Writing Skills?


7 Education Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

8 Education Tools That Are Going Away

The Elephantine Impact of Technology on Education

What’s the Classroom of the Future Look Like?

What’s Tomorrow’s Student Look Like


13 ways Twitter Improves Education

Twitter and the Teacher

Twitter in the Classroom

Visual Learning



5 Sure-fire Ways to Teach Vocabulary

Webtools (for tech integration


Common Core

11 Things I Love About Common Core

13 Ways Blogs Teach Common Core

7 Common Core Ways to Assess Knowledge

7 Ways Common Core Will Change Your Classroom

Common Core Breathes Life into Keyboarding

Common Core requires publishing. Technology makes that happen

What are Common Core keyboarding standards