Class Tech Skills and Tools




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A collection of 35 varied videos (more added every month) that address the topic: What tech skills and tools should I use in my classroom? Each is from one minute to forty-five. These show you a wide variety of tech skills and tools that will kick-start your classroom.

Note: This is an eclectic collection of videos, webinars, and how-tos that are tagged with ‘tech skills’. Review the list below to be sure it’s what you’re looking for:

  1. Set up your tech class
  2. Digital portfolios
  3. Backchannel
  4. Class warm-ups
  5. Class exit tickets
  6. Note taking
  7. How to blog in the K-8 classroom
  8. How to add a website link to a blog post
  9. How to use digital Quick Writes
  10. Keyboarding in 45 minutes a week
  11. How to create a class internet start page–and why
  12. Flipped classroom
  13. Twitter in the classroom
  14. How to join a Twitter Chat 1
  15. How to join a Twitter Chat 2
  16. 15 webtools in 15 minutes
  17. 15 webtools in 15 weeks–student-centered
  18. How to create screencasts
  19. How to take screenshots
  20. How to annotate a PDF
  21. How to embed
  22. How to use Google Apps
  23. Common Core and Tech
  24. Common Core and Tech: 8 strategic tools
  25. Common Core and Tech: Reading
  26. Common Core and Tech: Writing
  27. Common Core and Tech: Language
  28. Common Core and Tech: Math
  29. Presentation Boards: Speaking and Listening skills
  30. 6 topics to teach every lesson
  31. Gamification of education
  32. Search and research
  33. Digital citizenship
  34. Differentiation
  35. Differentiation–How to teach the hard-to-teach class


  • Digital access: via YouTube playlist, 1-45 minutes each
  • Language: English
  • Length of time: one year
  • Access: Yearly fee provides access to all videos from September through June. New videos added throughout the year
  • Questions? Contact Zeke Rowe at

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