Professional Development


Professional Development

Whether it’s for you personally, for your grade-level team, or for your school, we can help.

Here are six options. Click the blue title for more information and/or to purchase:


Tech Coach

Work with a dedicated master teacher to answer your tech education questions on a weekly basis. You meet online at your convenience for about an hour. Topics discussed can include anything–curriculum maps, difficult classes, how to accomplish particular tech skills, a required activity at your school, the pedagogy behind AUP, or another. You name it; we’ll help you.

For more information, click ‘Tech Coach’  above.

Online Classes

Participate in a variety of online classes for college credit or certification. Each is three-five weeks (or can be customized to your group of five or more). We provide all the materials. Learning is a blend of digital resources and virtual meetings. Expect to be a risk-taker and learn by trying.

For more information, click ‘Online Classes’ above or contact Kali Delamagente at 949.385.2543.

Tech Training

Each session addresses a specific topic such as Common Core and tech, Digital tools for the 21st century classroom, Teaching writing with technology, popular 21st Century pedagogy, developing a curriculum map, and more. These sessions can be done individually or in groups, as independent study or guided instruction. We provide all the materials (if required). Some options include weekly virtual meetings.

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We help you succeed in your educational goals by answering questions, providing pedagogic training, developing a timeline and roadmap, or other options developed in conversation with you. In a nutshell: We help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

For more information, contact Kali Delamagente at  949.385.2543.

Online Webinars

Dig into edtech topics like Common Core, how to organize your class for tech, Tech tools/skills for the 21st Century classroom, How-tos on tech skills, and Pedagogic topics (like Habits of Mind and mouse skills). Purchase the stream and watch the videos when your schedule allows.

For more information, click ‘Online Webinars’ above.

Professional Development

Address specific topics you need for your professional development. We’ll teach you around your schedule and provide a certificate to verify time spent. All teaching is online with digital resources and virtual meetings. Can be customized for groups of five or more.

For more, click ‘Professional Development’ or contact Kali Delamagente at 949.385.2543