Tech Training

We need tech training

The textbooks are great, but the teachers want more hands-on help…

We received an order from a private school for K-6 workbooks. They ordered one pdf for each child, but then weren’t sure how to use them to integrate technology and differentiate instruction across the board. That’s when they called us.

We met with them and reviewed their programs, school expectations of technology, standards they wished to comply with (state, national, international), the credentials of their staff and determined the best solution: Phase in the program. Select the classroom activities best supported by KidPix lessons in the kindergarten through second grade, and Microsoft Office suite third through fifth grade. Provide teacher training in Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and Excel. Introduce them to the interactive learning of Google Earth.  Hitchhike off their already-in-place project learning strategies to increase the educational standards of students.

Next, we trained the staff to work collaboratively with classroom teachers, integrate technology ideas, select the projects that promoted their unique method of differentiated instruction, and design a specialized curriculum that met the elementary education standards of their district and state and satisfied the need for education reform of their new administration. Everyone won!

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