Art Bundle



What’s included in the Art lesson plans bundle (PDF):

  • A brief summary of each project, including suggested grade level and prior knowledge, time required, software required
  • Higher-order thinking skills addressed
  • Technology-specific skills taught 
Five projects include:
I Can Make My Own Wallpaper
Students learn to use a picture they’ve drawn in KidPix or Photoshop, a favorite photo, or one they’ve grabbed from the internet (maybe the classroom wiki) and turn it into wallpaper on their computer.
Photoshop Basx
Adobe Photoshop is KidPix for grown ups–and the default photo editor for graphics enthusiasts. This offers a kid-friendly introduction to the Photoshop screen, canvas, layout, toolbars, task panes, history as undo and more.
Drawing in Photoshop
Use paint brushes, sprays, gradients, custom shapes, the art history brush and more. See how the tool bars offer even more options with each brush.
Art Online
Online resources from the world’s great art museums, do-it-yourself sites and more. Includes website links.
Sponge Activities for Drawing and Graphics
Art websites are a great way to soak up that extra time during the day. They’re one of the favorite destinations with my students.

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