1st Grade Bundle Internet



What’s included in the 1st Grade Lesson Plans I (Internet) bundle:

  • A brief summary of each project, including suggested grade level and prior knowledge, time required, software required
  • Higher-order thinking skills addressed
  • Technology-specific skills taught 
Five projects include:
Art Online
Online resources from the world’s great art museums, do-it-yourself sites and more. Includes website links.
Sponge Activities for Drawing and Graphics
A ‘sponge’ in education-speak is a great way to ‘soak up’ the few lost minutes before lunch, after quizzes, and turn them into learning time. Art, drawing, graphics, is a good way to engage student curiosity in learning while they enjoy a break from the cerebral activities of math and science.
Online Sustained Silent Reading Sites
Use the internet to offer variety in Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) program (which is the same as DEAR–Drop Everything and Read). Every student can find something they’ll like on these websites.
Sponge Activities using Webcams, Virtual tours and Videos
Internet Basx
Explores the internet (back/forward buttons, toolbar, links, home page, netiquette, plagiarism, etc.).

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