Google Earth Lesson Plans



What’s included in the Google Earth lesson plans bundle:

  • A brief summary including suggested grade level, prior knowledge, time and software required
  • Higher-order thinking skills addressed
  • Technology-specific skills taught
  • Digital delivery of the PDF
Five projects include:

Introduction to Google Earth
Introduce students to Google Earth, panning in and out, dragging with the mouse, changing the perspective of the earth’s surface, visiting the solar system. Use classroom investigation into national symbols (Statue of Liberty, Pentagon, White House, etc.) to spark their interest.

Google Earth Board
Students select a Wonder of the World (list developed by the classroom teacher of the places they will visit during the school year) to research on Google Earth, and then present a picture and fact to the class.

The Wonders of Google Earth
Travel the world with Google Earth. Students research locations, find three fascinating facts about each, and create a virtual field trip using Google Earth placemarks, text fields and automated tools.

Where is that? (Google Earth)
Use Google Earth’s latitude and longitude grid tool to find countries around the world the same distance above/below the equator. Discuss this implication for climate, etc.

Where Did I come From? (using Google Earth and KidPix)
Students will proudly display their country of origin using Google Earth to find it and KidPix to add text and a flag.


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