Research with Technology Bundle



What’s included in the Research Lesson Plans bundle:

  • A brief summary of each project, including suggested grade level and prior knowledge, time required, software required
  • Higher-order thinking skills addressed
  • Technology-specific skills taught (including ISTE Standards addressed)
  • Digital delivery of the PDF
Five projects include:
Which Website is best?
Analyze the differences between .orgs, .coms. and other extensions. Create a table in Word comparing extensions and screenshots.
Intermediate Research on the Internet
Students learn to research information for a class report and organize it, complete with outline, citations, text and pictures.
How to Search the Internet
Learn how to add limiters to a search string to hone in on the information you need. Google has lots of them.
Elementary Research on the Internet
Provide a list of websites on a topic, specific questions on a worksheet to answer, citation sheets to complete.
Sponge Activities in Research
Good starting points for student research. Use as a sponge (to fill spare minutes of the day before lunch, after a quiz, etc.) or to delve deeper into specific topics.

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