Weekly Resources for K-5 Technology Curriculum

Here are weekly videos as well as a glossary to supplement the K-5 SL Tech Curriculum. Be sure to have your copy on hand as you view the videos. And, be sure to bookmark this page so it’s easy to find each week.


Click your grade level (kindergarten-5th) below to see the year’s videos, one for each week. Feel free to ask questions about the lesson–I’m around on weekends, probably doing just what you’re doing (getting organized!). You may also post questions to the Discussion Board on the page. I’ll answer and hopefully, other wiki members will jump in with ideas.

We use the SL Technology Curriculum. If you don’t have that, please visit the link to get a digital or print version, or email me at askatechteacher@gmail.com.


Click here for the Glossary of Terms to support vocabulary in weekly lessons.

Supplemental Resources

Click here for additional resources to assist with the SL K-5 Tech Curriculum