7th Grade Bundle Software



What’s included in the 7th Grade Lesson Plans (software-based) bundle:

  • 5 lesson plans integrated into inquiry, using popular software
  • A brief summary of each project, including suggested grade level and prior knowledge, time required, software required
  • Higher-order thinking skills addressed
  • Technology-specific skills taught 
  • Digital delivery of the PDF
Five projects include:

Where is that? (Google Earth)

Use Google Earth’s latitude and longitude grid tool to find countries around the world the same distance above/below the equator. Discuss this implication for climate, etc.

Tessellations in Excel
By shading cells in repetitive colors, or duplicating autoshapes, you create amazing art using a math-based software. Proof that math and art are two sides of the same coin.

Travel the Universe with Celestia and Google Earth
Use Celestia and Google Earth Sky (both free downloads) to explore the planet Earth and the Universe. Collaborate with classroom units of inquiry into science and nature.

Outlining the Science Textbook in Word
Students learn to use numbered outlines or bullets to organize notes, a science chapter, or research into an outline.

Assessment in Publisher
This assessment is comprehensive, designed to cover everything students learn in Publisher and Desktop Publishing through elementary school.

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