Problem Solving Bundle



Lesson Plans–Problem Solving–What’s included in the bundle:

  • Summary of each project, including suggested grade and prior knowledge, time required, software required
  • Higher-order thinking skills addressed
  • Technology-specific skills taught
Five projects include:
We are all Problem-solvers
A tech teacher can’t teach students ‘a software program’. S/he must teach how to evaluate knowledge and apply it to new situations. S/he must teach students to be Problem Solvers.
Clarify with Excel
Collect data from student quizzes. Analyze it in Excel. Excel’s killer app is data analysis–figuring out answers to problems.
Two heads study better than one–Excel
Review with a partner for a summative Excel quiz (see Learn Excel bundle) with a partner. Remembering Excel is challenging. Partnering makes is fun. Fun makes it easier.
Problem Solving Board
The faster students remember the most-common tech problems, the more they’ll learn. This list accounts for 50% of the problems that stop productivity in the lab.
Sponge Activities using webcams, virtual tours and videos
Use all five senses to problem solve. That includes ears, eyes, and the virtual sense of feel, smell and taste.

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