Excel Bundle



What’s included in the Excel bundle:

  • A brief summary of each project, including suggested grade level and prior knowledge, time required, software required
  • Higher-order thinking skills addressed
  • Technology-specific skills taught 
  • Digital delivery of the PDF
Five projects include:
Graph a class survey in Excel
Take a class survey. Show the results in several Excel-friendly ways–as a table on a worksheet and a graph that students can format as they desire.
Master Beginning Excel 
Learn the twenty-two most common Excel skills. This includes formatting, editing, creating and formatting charts, selecting graphs, creating and editing formulas. And more.
Tessellations in Excel
By shading cells in repetitive colors, or duplicating autoshapes, you create amazing art using a math-based software. Proof that math and art are two sides of the same coin.
Check your math homework in Excel
Use Excel to check addition, subtraction, multiplication, division problems assigned in class. This is a favorite with students. The WOW factor is way up there!
Keep a timecard in Excel
Have students fill out a timecard at home. Use the template to learn cells, spreadsheets and formulas. This inquiry-based project is a fun intro to a program that intimidates even adults.

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