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Every resource you purchase from Structured Learning is backed by our five-star support. This includes:

  • delivery of specially-formatted PDFs for your individual use and/or your classroom, school, or District
  • access to tech specialists who will guide you through roll-out
  • coaching  to roll out the curricula, teach specific skills you need help with, and answer questions

Our tech ed managers can answer questions about your purchase, its application to your classroom, and more generally about how to create the tech-infused classroom. Customer support is always just one click away. Pick one of the options below:

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Email Zeke.Rowe@ for assistance or call a curriculum specialist at (949) 680.0580
Online Community of teacher users and Structured Learning staff
Online Community of teacher users and Structured Learning staff
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What our customers say

Thank you so much! I had no one to turn to.

Thank you. You have been a great support for me for several years, even though you didn’t know it!

Thanks so much for the great customer service! I’m very impressed with the service AND the materials.

Zeke! You are THE BEST! Your team has done all the hard work for me. Thank you! There is simply no other product on the market that helps me do this challenging task bit more easily. This was the best professional money I’ve spent in a long time.  And your customer service makes me love it even more!!! You guys rock!!!!

 These are very helpful suggestions, and I greatly appreciate your timely response!

Coming to your page is like seeking advice from a friend. When I have questions or need to pick at your brain I know that I can just send you a message and you will respond promptly. Not too many pages bring out that feeling in me. From a new tech teacher, I thank you.

You’re fabulous. I love you!