Bridge Building Project



How to Use Bridge Building in Your Classroom is a bridge building project and lesson plan that supports science and engineering in your school. Designed for Middle School STEM/Tech programs and aligned with Common Core and ISTE, this lesson is largely student-directed, self-paced, using free online software, but you can use any program that works for you–even toothpick bridges.
What’s included:
  • brief summary of project
  • suggested prior knowledge
  • Essential Question
  • Big Idea
  • Common Core alignment
  • ISTE alignment
  • Best Practices
  • suggested domain and academic vocabulary
  • likely tech problems that will arise
  • materials required
  • teacher prep required
  • step-by-step instructions
  • enrichment to dig deeper into the subject
  • more information to support specific learning
  • assessment strategies
  • sample grading rubric
  • Digital Delivery
  • Page count: 10 pages
  • Language: English

Curious? Here’s a sample:

Bridge Building--V.2.0