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Several years ago, in an effort to create a practical strategy for technology success, I started tracking how often I got the same tech questions from students. Soon, I extended it to parents who, in a well-intentioned effort to help with school work, often got stuck on a techie issue. Some spent hours on a problem that could have been solved in minutes–if only they knew how to do that.
Turns out, 70% of the time, it was the same 169 problems.
169 Real-World Ways to Put Tech Into Your Class Now (expected publication date: August 2016) provides 1) an overview of the tech topics most important to your teaching, and 2) practical strategies to address common classroom tech problems. Each tip is less than a page long–many only a third of a page. The goal: Give you what you need to know without a long learning curve. Topics include iPads, Chromebooks, assessment, differentiation, social media, security, writing, and more.


Here’s a preview. Here are the top three solutions to any tech problem you encounter in your classroom:

 reboot, restart …

… close, reopen …

Google it!


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Curious? Here’s a sample

169 Tech Tips V.1.4--preview

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