STEM Bundle



This STEM bundle includes four lesson plans:

  1. Engineering and Design
  2. The Human Body
  3. Keyboarding and the Scientific Method
  4. Robotics

All four incorporate technology into authentic class activities such as bridge building, note-taking, and math. Each lesson plan includes an Essential Question and Big Idea, average time required to complete, suggested appropriate grade level, suggested teacher preparation, step-by-step directions (see preview for an example), assessment strategies, pedagogic background, samples, and images (where relevant).

If you’re a K-8 class teacher who wants to start your students on coding, start here.

The 25-page lesson includes:

  • summary of STEM
  • average time required
  • suggested grade level
  • Essential Question
  • Big Idea
  • teacher prep required
  • step-by-step instructions (where relevant)
  • examples
  • assessment strategies


  • Digital delivery
  • Page count: 24 pages
  • Language: English
  • Grade level:  K-8
Curious? Here’s a sample

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