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Why Teachers Shouldn’t Discourage Students from Getting Essay Writing Help Online

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writing with techThe informal but no less strict teacher-student relationship requires all work submitted by a student to be their own. The concept of help exists, but it can quickly lead to accusations of plagiarism depending who gives the guidance and how much is needed. Many students need help with essay writing and don’t have resources outside of their teacher, whose time is limited, to get the needed assistance. These students turn to online resources.

Teachers have embraced online research but still tend to frown upon getting writing help from a professional.

There are several reasons why this shouldn’t be the case:

  1. Hiring someone to give you writing help is just like hiring a Math or English tutor if you go about it the right way. It can add value to the learning experience more than trying hard on an essay just to get it back with a bad grade.
  2. Professional essay writing help from online websites is not the same as purchasing a pre-written or custom written work product.
  1. It’s less expensive than hiring a tutor. If a student only needs help with a particular writing style, those assignments are the only ones they need to hire someone to help them write.
  1. Professional writers can give more practical advice as well as style and technique recommendations. Sometimes English teachers will have a pet peeve they’ll mark up. The exact reason the paper was a “C” paper instead of a “B” or “A” paper is then concealed in a sea of red ink making it difficult, if not impossible, for the student to find.

Aside from the academic benefits, there are practical advantages as well. Everyone isn’t good at everything. At some point in their life, a student will need to hire someone to help them. The process of finding someone, clearly and concisely writing requirements, working with the hired writer on the essay, and finally deciding whether the writing help was worth a great rating is an important life skill. Once you learn to hire someone, evaluate their work and pay them appropriately, it opens doors to becoming an entrepreneur.

Additionally, professional writing expects things which aren’t taught or required in grade school. These writing skills are no less necessary. In fact, one could argue they’re more necessary because they lead to success in the workplace and therefore your career.

Working with a professional provides students a chance to learn these skills which include:

  1. Writing clear, concise, and understandable email.
  2. Take your audience into account. You write differently for your teacher than you would for a customer or to inform. For example, a professional can explain how to write to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter vs. how you would write to entertain.
  3. Available software tools you can use to improve your writing without trying to catch each and every mistake you’ve made on your own. Also, how these are only helpful once you know how to write well enough, the software can understand what you’re trying to say.
  4. In the process of the working relationship, mentorship is likely to result. It gives the student an opportunity to ask questions of someone who is a successful writer and knows what it’s like to write for a living. Teaching English isn’t the same as being a professional writer.

Discouraging a student from receiving all of the benefits of working with a proven professional isn’t in their best interest. It’s possible to teach the value of independent work, writing skills, and reading competence effectively without limiting a student’s resources to the instructor or an expensive tutor. Of course, you don’t want the writer doing the work for the student. The responsibilities of the writer need to be clearly established to ensure the writer knows they’re there to help make the student’s writing better and not write the document for them. Note that you’re looking more for editing assistance than a new work product.

Potential pitfalls aside, getting essay writing help from online sites is a cost effective way to receive quality assistance from a professional writer. As the student’s writing matures, they can rely less heavily on the professional and more on their talents and tools. It’s cheaper than hiring a tutor and arguably more productive. The resulting learning will lean more toward applicable career skills than what to write to get an “A” grade.

–from the Ask a Tech Teacher¬†team