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Tech Ed Writers Wanted

You know any teacher who’s written a book? Teaches online? We’re taking submittals!


If you’re the author or publisher of a tech ed book or teach an online tech class, we can help you reach a wider audience. Here’s how we work with authors and other publishers:

  • We list your product (books, ebooks, classes, materials) on our website with our products. Think ‘Amazon’ where you  publish the book/ebook and they provide an audience. All products look the same no matter the author or publisher, whether you offer one book or one hundred ebooks.
  • We provide a free author or publisher listing on Ask a Tech Teacher, the award-winning resource blog that reaches over 75,000 teachers, educators, tech ed professionals a month.
  • Your author or publisher page directs customers to your store–your cart. We don’t collect the money. We don’t get between you and sales. You access our customer list, our marketing efforts without the hassle of accounting for what percent you get/we get. It’s easy: You get it all. We take a monthly service fee.
  • We charge a single non-recurring set-up fee to create the listing based on your information.
  • We charge a monthly fee. It varies from $5-25 depending upon how many products you list with us.

A few disclaimers:

  • We make no guarantee of marketing or sales. Your products are treated exactly like those of KidPix or Johny Jumper or any other technology provider.
  • We aren’t a traditional publisher. We provide authors and publishers with an opportunity to reach a larger audience through our network. All sales go through you. All money goes into your wallet. All we get is the set-up fee and a monthly charge.
  • Your monthly fee is paid in advance. If for any reason, that fee stops, so does the page.

Interested? Questions? Fill out this form: