Common Core–Language



80 pages, 8 projects, over 85 CC Standards, for grades K-8

How to Achieve Common Core with Tech is a four-volume series that focuses on using technology to meet Common Core standards in Language, Writing, Reading, and Math.

This volume–Language–includes eight projects for K-8, each showing how technology makes achieving Common Core language standards intuitive, time-saving, and exciting for students with a natural love of all things digital. Lessons cover 87+ Common Core Standards in speaking/listening, language, and writing. Each lesson includes

  1. Common Core standards addressed
  2. NETS-S Standards addressed
  3. Vocabulary used
  4. Time Required
  5. Grade level recommended and suggested background
  6. Essential Question
  7. Big Idea
  8. Materials required and teacher preparation
  9. Step-by-step directions
  10. Help with tech problems
  11. Extensions—how to differentiate and dig deeper

A note: These books are not intended to teach Common Core Standards. What these books show is how to use technology to teach.


  • Digital: 80 pages
  • Publisher: Structured Learning
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9893690-2-2


Curious? Here’s a preview:

CCSS–language Preview

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