Common Core–Writing



236 pages, 28 projects, over 200 Common Core standards, for grades K-8

How to Achieve Common Core with Techthe Writing Strand is a four-volume series that focuses on using technology to meet Common Core standards in Language, Math, Reading, and Writing.

This volume–Writing–includes twenty-eight projects for K-8, each showing how technology makes achieving Common Core writing standards intuitive, time-saving, and exciting for students with a natural love of all things digital. Lessons cover 208 Common Core Standards in speaking/listening, language, reading, math and writing. Lesson topics include:

  1. The Debate
  2. Digital Book Report
  3. Digital Newsletter
  4. Digital Trifold
  5. Event Sequences
  6. Digital Timelines
  7. Digital Storytelling
  8. Write with Twitter
  9. Digital Letter Writing
  10. Write with Tables
  11. Write with Graphic Organizers
  12. Write with Magazines
  13. Develop Details
  14. Basics: Keyboarding
  15. Basics: Word Processing
  16. Web-based Writing Tools
  17. Digital Note-taking
  18. Presentation Boards
  19. Discussion Boards
  20. Internet Research
  21. Plagiarism
  22. Brainstorming
  23. Genius Hour
  24. Blogs
  25. Digital Greeting Cards
  26. Digital Quick Writes
  27. Digital Quick Stories
  28. Write an Ebook

Each lesson includes

  1. Common Core standards addressed
  2. NETS-S Standards addressed
  3. Vocabulary used
  4. Time Required
  5. Grade level recommended and suggested background
  6. Essential Question
  7. Big Idea
  8. Materials required and teacher preparation
  9. Step-by-step directions
  10. Help with tech problems
  11. Extensions—how to differentiate and dig deeper


  • Digital: 236 pages
  • Publisher: Structured Learning
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9893690-5-3

Curious? Here’s a preview:

CCSS–writing preview

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