Room License 7 Grades Keyboarding



What’s a 7-Grade Room KB License?

This is a multi-user PDF of 7 student keyboard workbooks that can be used on 26 digital devices in your school–iPads, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, Chromebooks, iPods.

Who needs this

It is well-suited to schools with an LMS like Google Classroom, a 1:1 program, who wish to place the curricula on a server, or are teaching remotely and need to provide access to PDFs at home and school, where there may or may not be WiFi or Internet.

Benefits of a School License for Teachers:

  • Access to full text PDF(or videos where relevant) from every recognized desktop, 24 hours a day
  • Because they’re PDFs, they require no internet, no WiFi (once downloaded)
  • License includes a print copy of each grade level selected (except international or books only available digitally)

Benefits of School License for Students:

  • Easy access to monthly lessons, how-tos, rubrics, project samples, practice quizzes, grade-level expectations, homework, check lists (like Ready to Move On)
  • Convenient place to take notes
  • Because they’re PDFs, they require no internet, no WiFi (once downloaded)
  • Encourages students to be independent and self-directed, work at their own pace. This is great both for students who need more time on a topic and for those who ‘get it’ fast and want to move on
  • Quick way to spiral up to the next grade level for quick learners or back to earlier resources for student needing to fill holes in their learning

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