K-12 Tech Curriculum Wkbks




10 grade-level technology curriculum student workbooks (kindergarten through HS) with teacher manuals. Aligned with the Structured Learning K-HS technology curriculum (which is aligned with Common Core and ISTE)–one ebook per grade level.

***These can’t be bought individually. They must be purchased as part of a multi-user license. But, for more information on each workbook, scroll down the page and click the grade level.***

This is a student-paced, student-directed course that integrates with any school curriculum and prepares students for end-of-year Common Core testing. Includes:

  • why learn technology?
  • formative and summative assessments
  • domain-specific vocabulary
  • relevant tech problem solving
  • required digital citizenship overview
  • curriculum map with a K-8 timeline of topics
  • rubrics, quizzes, study guides, and more–to save teacher duplicating. It’s right there in the workbook!
  • over one hundred full-color images and how-tos
  • samples of projects at student fingertips so wherever they’re practicing, they have an example and directions
  • background material right there. If student wants to remember what they did a week–a month–ago, it’s right there.
  • extensions to dig deeper for those who are inspired by a topic
  • year’s worth of homework–all in one place
  • workbook goes with the student. It’s licensed to them through the school. If they’re in the library, the classroom, the soccer field, they can practice. Even at home (with appropriate license).

These workbooks encourage independence in student learning and require only nominal direction from a teacher, homeschooling parent, or another adult. These are perfect if technology is integrated across all classes at your school, taught in the tech lab, or taught in a home environment.

Here’s why you’ll want these workbooks:

  • workbooks are full color
  • student can pursue learning independently, at their own pace
  • student can differentiate for their personal needs through options provided in the lessons
  • student can spiral back to review skills and spiral forward to work ahead
  • student has easy access to all metrics and assessments, encouraging accountability for Big Ideas and Essential Questions
  • student can use an annotation tool (i.e., iAnnotate or Adobe) to mark up rubrics and examples, then erase at the end of the year
  • student has clear exemplars of lesson ideas
  • student has easy access to all required materials

Not available individually–only as multi-user license. Multi-user licenses are per grade level. There is special pricing if you choose all grade levels.

Free with each grade-level multi-user licenseteacher handbook

For more information on each workbook, click the grade level:

K student wkbk 6th ed cover

Tech Curriculum--1st grade

Tech Curriculum--2nd grade

3rd grade student wkbk cover

4th grade student wkbk cover

5th grade student wkbk cover

6th grade student wkbk cover

7th grade student wkbk cover

8th grade student wkbk cover


  • Digital access only
  • Length: 148-420 pages each
  • Images:  251-406
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Structured Learning
  • License: Multi-user only
  • Companion materials: Free teacher manual
  • Purchase price is $199 PER GRADE LEVEL. Special pricing for all grades
      • Digital–PayPal, credit card (via PayPal)
      • School Purchase Order (min. $100)–Contact zeke.rowe@structuredlearning.net for details.

Curious? Here’s a sample:

7th grade student workbook preview

Want a video?

If you’re looking for more depth, here’s a thirty-minute video on unpacking the K8 technology curriculum in your classroom:

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